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Gender Reveal

Apr 16, 2018

In this week’s episode, Tuck answers listener questions with filmmaker and activist Mckenzee Griffler (she/her). Topics include:

  • Misgendering yourself
  • Using they/them pronouns in solidarity
  • Should nonbinary people apply for “women’s” scholarships?
  • Is it possible to be nonbinary and a trans woman?
  • What the hell...

Apr 9, 2018

In this week’s episode, Tuck speaks with activist AC Dumlao (they/them), the founder of Call Me They and @menswearselfcare. Topics include:

  • Celebrating “genderFULL fashion” as self-care.
  • Shifting your gender presentation to try to appeal to folks you’re dating (yikes!).
  • Writing an open letter to cis folks...

Apr 2, 2018

In this week’s episode, Tuck speaks with Kirby Conrod (they/them), a PhD candidate in linguistics. Among other subjects, Kirby specifically studies the use of they/them pronouns.  Topics include:

  • Tips for folks who struggle with they/them pronouns.
  • Reasons why those folks might be struggling more than other...