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Gender Reveal

Aug 17, 2021

Tuck explains what's going on with this season of Gender Reveal, and announces our upcoming live show.

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Aug 12, 2021

Tuck chats with author Carmen Maria Machado (she/her) to wrap up Cis Day of Visibility. Topics include:

  • The horrors of living in a gendered body
  • Doing a press tour about your trauma
  • Writing about gender without having an answer
  • Is the pandemic more or less horny than Carmen’s 2013 short story?
  • Also: vampire sex,...

Aug 9, 2021

Tuck chats with Nancy co-creator Tobin Low (he/him) as Cis Day of Visibility continues. Topics include:

  • Lessons learned from making Nancy
  • What does masculinity mean, and do we care?
  • Is the cis-trans binary useful?
  • Is the dating scene getting less racist?
  • Plus: Bowen Yang; the LGBRPDR community; and getting...

Aug 5, 2021

Whoops! We made an episode for today, but instead of airing it, we're sharing a new podcast that we're genuinely hyped to hear.

Learn more about Wait, Is thIs a Date? on Autostraddle. Find them on Twitter and Instagram @waitisthisadate.

Special thanks to Drew and Christina for letting us run this in our feed.



Aug 2, 2021

Tuck chats with nurse practitioner and HRT provider Lola Pellegrino (she/her) as Cis Day of Visibility continues. Topics include:

  • Reimagining “women’s” health centers
  • HRT myth-busting (e.g., what if there’s air in my shot?)
  • What’s the deal with microdosing?
  • Do birth control pills count as HRT?
  • Plus: body goo,...