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Gender Reveal

Jun 27, 2022

Tuck speaks with UK-based writer Jackson King (he/him). Topics include:

  • Structural barriers to gender-affirming care faced by fat trans people
  • Visiting Europe’s largest gay sauna
  • What's going on in the UK!?!
  • Can men be redeemed?!
  • Plus: Evangelical kink and RuPaul’s egg detector

This Week in Gender: Trans listeners...

Jun 20, 2022

Tuck and Ozzy speak with Manhunt author Gretchen Felker-Martin (she/her). Topics include:

  • Writing a book for trans freaks
  • Reclaiming the gender-plague genre from TERFs
  • Horror movies as exposure therapy 
  • Can art be dangerous?
  • Plus: Supermasochist, spitting, shrooms, and “my biological father, David Cronenberg”


Jun 13, 2022

Tuck speaks with Fran Tirado (she/they), co-host of Like a Virgin and Food 4 Thot. Topics include:

  • Queer reality show concepts and non-monogamous TV representation 
  • Writing a book about “when activism gets wrapped up in capital”
  • A quick and easy guide to reclaiming Pride from corporations 
  • Self-work, community...

Jun 6, 2022

Tuck and Ozzy speak with Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider (she/her). Topics include:

  • How going on national TV helped with vocal dysphoria (and gave Amy hope for trans people’s political future)
  • Grappling with the constant threat of milkshake-ducking
  • The history and future of Trans Jeopardy 
  • Why are so many trans women...