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Gender Reveal

May 19, 2023

Happy Fast X Day! We're celebrating chosen familia by sharing Mckenzee's essay "Letty Did Not Trans Me But Maybe She Did" from our upcoming anthology 2 TRANS 2 FURIOUS, now available for preorder! 

(Note: Tuck's audio quality got messed up but we're just rolling with it, OK?)

Preorder 2 TRANS 2 FURIOUS at

May 13, 2023

Tuck chats with Mckenzee about basement pizza, intrusive thoughts, the PTW slur, our college radio origin story, and a partial list of ways to be "more transsexual." 

Find the full episode on Patreon for discussions of:

  • Joyce Carol Oates tweet crimes 
  • Winning with your real tits and ass
  • Femboy vs rosboy??
  • Celebrity...