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Gender Reveal

Nov 1, 2021

Tuck speaks with writer Denne Michele Norris (she/her), cartoonist Mattie Lubchansky (they/them) and organizer Mateo Guerrero (he/they) at Starr Bar in Bushwick. Topics include:  

  • Setting boundaries with friends and family
  • Working to decriminalize sex work in New York
  • Coming out as a trans woman after coming out as nonbinary
  • Plus: “TGNCIQ”; “transhet”; figure skating; the trans rock climbing obsession; trans lit representation; surviving public restrooms; f•cking around and finding out.

The article Denne mentions is “Trans Characters Are In Vogue, But Where Are the Thinkpieces?” by Eli Cugini. We also mention Refuge Restrooms.

Find Denne at and on twitter/IG at @thedennemichele. For more of her work, subscribe to the Food 4 Thot podcast and the Electric Lit newsletter.

Find Mateo on IG @mateoguerrero_. Make the Road NY is at and on IG/Facebook @maketheroadny. 

Find Mattie on twitter @Lubchansky and IG @mattielubchansky. For more of their work, join their Patreon, subscribe to the Nib, and buy their book via Silver Sprocket. (They were also on Episode 20 of this show.)


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