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Gender Reveal

Dec 6, 2021

Tuck speaks with Calvin Kasulke (he/him), author of Several People Are Typing. Topics include:

  • The secret(?!?) baby-trans subtext of Calvin’s debut novel
  • Writing fiction (about Slack dot com) vs journalism (about bodega dick pills)
  • Parallels between sobriety and transitioning
  • Calvin asks Tuck a question (a.k.a. “there’s cops here and I’m gay”)
  • Plus: GLAAD Awards Travis Bickle // nu-metal Big Bird // cyberpunk Rodney Dangerfield

This Week in Gender: A town in Bangladesh elects a hijra mayor(ish); Switzerland made it easier to change your name and gender marker; Canada is in process of banning conversion therapy; the Dutch government is finally apologizing for forced sterilizations; and an important French dictionary adds the gender-neutral pronoun iel, causing insufferable backlash.

Find Calvin at, and pick up a copy of Several People Are Typing wherever books are sold. Here are links to the stories we mentioned about choosing your name and buying dick pills and packing.

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