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Gender Reveal

Jan 10, 2022

Tuck speaks with printmaker, comic-doer, and A.B.O. cofounder Io (they/them), who also started the whole “be gay do crime” thing. 

Topics include:

  • The origins of “Be Gay, Do Crime”
  • What we mean when we say do crime!
  • Train-hopping to outrun your gender feelings
  • A.B.O. Comix and trans prisoner support
  • Plus: gender nihilism, anarchist D&D, bike helmet phrenology, 3 futures of gender, and a debate over the transness of Dune. 

This Week in Gender: Amy Schneider makes more Jeopardy history; Lithuania doesn’t go far enough; April Ashley passed away; Quidditch begins to rename itself; And Just Like That fully does a meme. 

Io’s print shop (featuring the original Be Gay Do Crime design) is at You can also find Io on twitter (@bum_lung) and IG (

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