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Gender Reveal

May 23, 2022

Tuck speaks with Imogen Binnie (she/her), author of Nevada. Topics include:

  • Revisiting Nevada 10-15 yrs later, obvi! 
  • MichFest, Trans Camp, and womyn with a y 
  • Playing doom metal by candlelight as a queer bonding activity
  • Watching horror movies to feel something
  • Plus: Piss Christmas, John Darnielle, Gene Belcher, and Melissa????

This Week in Gender: Heartstopper and the possibility of something good.

Preorder Nevada here. Find Correspondences on Bandcamp. Listen to Imogen Watches Classic Films on Apple Podcasts. Imogen is @imogenbinnie, where you can also find the trans Love, Actually script.

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