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Gender Reveal

Nov 7, 2022

Tuck speaks with comedian, performer, and event producer Howie Echo-Hawk (they/them). Topics include: 

  • What do pronoun go-arounds and land acknowledgements have in common?
  • Is it even possible to decolonize gender?
  • Why your comedy can’t come solely from suffering
  • Using nature to explore identity beyond language
  • Plus: Dance parties, autism superpowers, and punishment comedy 

This Week in Gender: The past and future of the US Trans Survey, which is available until November 21 at (You can read the full 2015 survey results here. The 2019 NCTE staff’s open letter is here, and our segment about the Euphoria apps is in Episode 88 with Noah Adams.)

Read Decolonization Is Not a Metaphor here.

Find Howie on Instagram @howieechohawk, @indigenizeproductions, @_theresmore_ and @everynativeepisode. Find Every Native Episode here, and listen to Howie on the Deep End Friends podcast.


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