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Gender Reveal

Nov 21, 2022

Tuck speaks with poet and drag artist Wo Chan (they/them), who performs as the Illustrious Pearl. Topics include: 

  • Re-evaluating the narrative of your book after starting psychoanalysis
  • Combining poetry and drag performance into… PowerPoint drag!
  • Creating art out of testimonials from your family’s deportation proceedings
  • Learning to share without oversharing — and without judging yourself for oversharing
  • Plus: Ostrich feathers, Cantopop, loneliness, poop poems, and the stage as a sacrificial altar. 

This Week in Gender: We recap the US midterm elections and discuss the concept of “Queering Congress” (lol lmao)

Find Wo on Instagram @theillustriouspearl. Togetherness is available now from Nightboat Books.

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