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Gender Reveal

Jun 25, 2018

In this week’s episode, Tuck speaks with Indigenous Diné transdisciplinary artist Demian DinéYazhi´(they/them). Demian is the founder and director of the artist/activist initiative R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment. Topics include:

  • “The only option for being queer was death. And the only option for being a Native person was death, as well.”
  • Decolonializing concepts of sex, love, gender identity, and sexual orientation for future generations.
  • Defining “radical indigenous queer feminism.”
  • Creating resources and platforms for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit Indigenous artists.
  • Growing up queer during the AIDS crisis.

Read more about our This Week in Gender topic here and here. (And please let us know your thoughts!)

Find Damien’s work on Tumblr and Etsy. Damien is also on Instagram at @heterogeneoushomosexual and @riseindigenous.

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