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Gender Reveal

Jun 30, 2020

This week, we speak with nonbinary advocate Addison Rose Vincent (they/them). Topics include:

  • Rushing sororities as the only trans person on campus
  • Being a transfeminine person with a full beard
  • Working at Disneyland as a nonbinary person
  • Becoming a full-time trans advocate
  • Plus: the double-edged sword of trans visibility

This Week in Gender: Disclosure (2020); Transcripts podcast; "The International Trans Person Helpline" on Jacobin's Antibody; "The Toilets at Home Are All Gender Neutral" on Short Cuts; and Graham Linehan getting banned from Twitter.

Find Addison's work at @breakthebinaryBreak the Binary LLC and the Nonbinary and Intersex Recognition Project.

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