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Gender Reveal

Aug 10, 2020

In the Season 5 finale (finally!!!), we celebrate Leo season by speaking with audio producer, stand-up comic and drag queen Hideo Higashibaba (he/him). [CW: mentions of suicide (40-41:20)]

Topics include:

  • What you might not understand about “chosen family”
  • Growing up in a cult that hates queer and trans people
  • Rebuilding yr entire framework for understanding the world, from scratch. 
  • Being a transfemme man (and discovering that via drag)
  • Plus: “The only practical idea I’ve ever had”

This Week in Gender: “The Tale of Queer Appalachia” in the Washington Post. Check the Queer Appalachia website and IG page for updates. We also mention this Netflix tweet. 

Find Hideo on Instagram at @dr_miyazaki and @punchupnc, and listen to his seven-part podcast, Growing Up Moonie.

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