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Gender Reveal

Dec 14, 2020

Tuck answers our trickiest advice questions yet with BFF of the show Mckenzee Griffler (she/her). 

Topics include:

  • How do I stop caring about what cis people think?!? 
  • What pronouns should I use for nonbinary people in languages they don’t speak?
  • What if I’m being misgendered at work but don’t want to lose my job?
  • Can you be a boy without being a man?
  • Plus: Tuck really, really rips into some guy named Mike (and also Joe Biden?)

Remember, your gender isn’t conditional on whether it makes people comfortable! :)

This Week in Gender: Tulsi Gabbard continues to be anti-LGBTQ.

Do you have gender questions that you’d like answered on the show? Submit questions anonymously via this Google form.

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