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Gender Reveal

Dec 20, 2021

Tuck speaks with musician Ezra Furman (she/they). Topics include:

  • Gender as a religion; transness as a mystical cult
  • The power of taking control (and overcoming HRT hang-ups)
  • Trans voice feelings as professional voice-users 
  • A collection of genders based off Billy Joel lyrics
  • Plus: sympathetic pregnancy, Lou Reed, rabbinical school, and coming out as a mom. 

This Week in Gender: New Zealand unanimously passes its self-ID law; a trans student in Missouri wins a sex-discrimination lawsuit; Chile legalizes same-sex marriage; a study says HRT access improves trans youth’s mental health (obvi); and Canada successfully bans conversion therapy.

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Associate Producer: Ozzy Llinas Goodman
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Music: Breakmaster Cylinder
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