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Gender Reveal

Nov 29, 2021

Tuck speaks with game designer and cultural consultant Yeonsoo Julian Kim (they/she). Topics include:  

  • Creating games where every playable character is nonbinary (or, in other cases, Korean)
  • The joys of BDSM tea party games and horror erotic fiction 
  • Why “romanticizing colonialism” is a surprisingly common game plot
  • Playing to win vs. playing to process your feelings and maybe have a nice cry
  • Plus: divorcing fear from gender; and the DnD to HRT pipeline

This Week in Gender: Iowa Medicaid must start covering trans surgeries; R*wling once again claims to be victimized by trans people; Stu Rasmussen was the country’s first openly trans mayor; Trans Day of Remembrance happened; Amy Schneider is crushing it on Jeopardy.

Find Yeonsoo @yjuliankim and at (Want more? Their interactive novel The Fog Knows Your Name is available here, and the Strange Lusts/Strange Loves anthology is being released in installments here [NSFW].)

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