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Gender Reveal

Feb 1, 2021

Tuck speaks with Diamond Stylz (she/her), creator of Marsha’s Plate and executive director of Black Trans Women Inc. Topics include:

  • Does trans representation actually help trans people?
  • Why trans equity trainings don’t work
  • The importance of spurning sea lions and building community
  • How Lauryn Hill (of all people) helped Diamond embrace her voice
  • How to be a true ally & co-conspirator 
  • Plus: Coming out in the ‘90s, finding a HRT specialist in the yellow pages and being a trans YouTuber in 2008.

BONUS! Other Black queer podcasts Diamond recommends: Box No. 512 Podcast: Grown Black Trans Women Talk; Inner Hoe Uprising; QueerWOC; Tea with Queen and J.

This Week in Gender: We revisit Paige Kreisman’s views on trans military service and celebrate the singular talent of SOPHIE.

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